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Who can I hire on uCarenet?

Through the booking platform you can search for and directly hire caregivers to deliver home care services.

Our easy-to-use platform takes the guess work out of trying to find a qualified caregiver. We match your family member with the right caregiver based on location, language preference, interests & more. We ensure your family member finds a trusted companion and are dedicated to improving the well-being of the aging population by equipping you with the right tools and knowledge to manage your care plan.

Whether you are looking for Senior care, nursing care, Alzheimer’s care, palliative care, a Personal Support Worker (PSW), or companionship to help reduce senior loneliness, you can find qualified caregivers on the uCarenet platform.

With uCarenet you have the power of technology to personalize a care plan to your family’s needs and budget. You can search for and hire local caregivers from $17.00 per hour.

By cutting out the middleman and hiring direct you can care more, save more, and get more hours of home care.

"Given that most agencies do not guarantee the same PSW every day and the complex need of the person in my care, it became clear I needed to help finding a private PSW. Several attempts were made to use KIJI and such but nothing worked out. I turned to twitter, asking other PSW advocates for resources and that were I found uCarenet. It came highly recommended by 2 PSW's I follow and seemed to fit our needs. Within a few days, we were able to hire 2 PSW's, both continue to work the needed shifts and care has been excellent. I cannot express how much stress and worry about hiring people was gone once we connected with uCarenet."

- Sharon F., Toronto ON

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