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We are committed to elevating the quality of life of not just for seniors, but also for caregivers.

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"Given that most agencies do not guarantee the same PSW every day and the complex need of the person in my care, it became clear I needed to help finding a private PSW. Several attempts were made to use KIJI and such but nothing worked out. I turned to twitter, asking other PSW advocates for resources and that were I found uCarenet. It came highly recommended by 2 PSW's I follow and seemed to fit our needs. Within a few days, we were able to hire 2 PSW's, both continue to work the needed shifts and care has been excellent. I cannot express how much stress and worry about hiring people was gone once we connected with uCarenet."

- Sharon F., Toronto ON

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How to refine your search

To improve your results, the booking platform gives you the opportunity to use filters to refine your search.

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To improve your results, the booking platform gives you the opportunity to use filters to refine your search.


Once you’ve selected the desired language (French, Mandarin, Urdu, Spanish, etc), simply tap the appropriate microphone icon (for caregiver or senior) and start speaking. Active, live voice-to-voice translation technology makes communication easy. No typing necessary. Simply speak into your phone and the app will instantly translate, and speak, that sentence.


uCareLINGO translates 35 of the most common used words/phrases associated with personal wellbeing and activities of daily living into 17 foreign languages. Simply tap each icon to activate audio translation and communication between caregivers and patients becomes effortless.

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